Boys swim season regulations with Covid

Morgan Skaff and Keely Messacar

With a few more steps before getting back into the pool, the boys’ swim team is ready to start back up on November 23 and plan on making up for last years’ early finish, according to swim coach John Fodell.

“I’m looking forward to getting going and kind of picking up where we left off,” Fodell said. “We didn’t get to finish last season, and the boys were ranked very well. They had a lot of opportunities last year to finish the season and do something big.”

According to swimmer Tucker Briggs ’22, this year there are high expectations for the team, as they are ready to take on MAC meets and believe they could win states.

“We want to remain undefeated in the MAC conference this year,” Briggs said. “Hopefully, we’ll keep our undefeated streak going, and then of course, it’s every team’s goal to win states and I do think we have a good shot this year.”

With many new swimmers and very few swimmers lost, the team is looking forward to a great season, according to captain Ryan English ’21.

“We are excited to welcome the new swimmers and make sure to bond with them and the rest of the team,” English said. “If we create a friendly environment, we will have a closer-knit team,”

It is really important for the team to bond, according to Fodell, as the first week or two are focused on getting the team bonded.

“As soon as we get started everyone that makes the team really embraces each other,” Fodell said. “It’s really a team that needs each other to win.”

The boys plan to follow the same guidelines that the girls’ team followed in the fall, according to Briggs. He said masks will be required everywhere except the pool.

“I’m excited to get them in the pool and get going and work towards our goals,” Fodell said. “I think the boys are pretty hungry to do something big and get going where we left off.”