COVID safe fun fall activities


Blake’s Apple Orchard is open and running with safety precautions.

Mia Craparotta and Emmett O'Keef

Fall is filled with many fun things to do such as going to the apple orchard, Scarefest, attending haunted houses, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. This year with COVID-19 not everything will be the same, but there are some COVIDsafe fall activities to do with friends and family.

Apple orchards are most people’s favorite thing to do in the fall. When people think of fall this is one of the main things they think of. However, the apple orchards have not been visited as much this year due to COVID-19. There are many orchards around us such as Blakes, Yates, and Franklins. Blakes is especially known for their donuts and cider. At the orchards there are many activities such as horse riding, apple picking, riding tractors, and much more. The orchards give you a wristband which usually cost $15-20 and allow you to do all the fun activities.

Haunted houses are thrilling and a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween. One haunted house that could be recommended to attend if you want to be scared is Erebus, in Pontiac Michigan. Erebus is four stories and serves terrifying thrills, unforgettable moments of laughter, and blood-curdling screams. There are many amazing special effects and it is a great place to attend with friends. For a regular pass it is about $23-29.

Another popular thing that many people do is get fall foods such a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, pumpkin bread, cider, and donuts. The food of Fall is definitely some people’s favorite part.

The last activity that many people in this area go to is the Scarefest Scream Park downtown. It has been there since 2006 and has become a very well known attraction for Detroit. The main idea is that it is a giant park you walk through with many scary statues and people scaring you in costumes. The Scarefest has not been affected too much by COVID-19 because it is so open and it is outside. The pass to walk through the park cost $15-20 depending on age.