MHSAA to allow 30 percent into outdoor Stadiums

Nick Louisell ‘23, Staff writer

   The MHSAA has just announced they will allow 1000 fans per sporting event at upcoming games. This announcement came last week as more fans want to see their teams play ahead of the playoffs. The MHSAA has said social distancing must be enforced at all times, and fans must have their masks up.

Members of the South football team said they welcome this change as it allows more family and friends to come to watch them play. Hand sanitizer and QR code questions are just a few of the steps South are taking to enforce this rule. Football player Abe Mercer ’23 said, “30% isn’t enough. There is more than enough space at South to have 50% capacity, especially for the big rivalry game against North.

“This is such a big community event we should have as many fans as allowed safely,” Mercer said, “This is such an exciting event each year for the community, and covid shouldn’t take that away from us.”

This year Michigan and Michigan State are playing their first home games with only families in attendance. Michigan Stadium, which can usually hold around 110,000 people, will be empty on their first home game against Michigan State on October 31st. According to the university of Michigan

According to Logan Hepner ’23, it is very disappointing to see only very few fans in the stands. At least 25% of people should be allowed in the stands; if it works for high schools, it should work for colleges.

MHSAA announced that only 20% of fans will be allowed for indoor events. They also announced that 50-50 split of tickets to home and away fans and tickets must be sold in advance. There will be no tickets sold at the gates according to the MHSAA

It is yet to be announced how many spectators will be allowed for the state championship games in football. With the games being back to back between divisions, how will security decide who stays and who goes?

“How will (the first-come-first-serve rule) affect parents who want to see their kid in action but can get their hands on a ticket because students, fans, and other parents got those tickets first,” Hepner said.

This sports season has been a weird one. In Ohio, they are currently allowing 1500 fans per event that is held outdoors whereas in Indiana, they are only allowing 500 fans per game. This season across the United States, only 35 states are playing football while the other 15 states have moved the sport to the spring or have canceled it altogether. This season players in football are not required to wear a mask, while in other sports the players are required to wear masks on and off the field.

Whether or not you like limited fans we can all be happy the sports are playing.