Girl’s golf wedges way to first


Kyle Harrison '21

Alston Smith ’21 prepares for another round against rival Norseman.

Kyle Harrison '21, Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity golf team swept Grosse Pointe North off their feet as they took the win at Lochmoor Club during their match date. Captain Kaitlin Ifkovits ’20 won her match, shooting a 38 on the course and demolishing North’s team once again. Ifkovits, as well as her teammates, played extraordinarily well through inclement weather conditions– a slight rain followed by a gasp of win.

 “I was hoping that we were going to win, which we did, but considering the weather conditions I’m okay with how I played,” Ifkovits said. 

Poor weather persisted throughout the match, creating puddles along the course that made it difficult for the girls to play. Despite these subpar conditions, however,  Grosse Pointe South still managed to win, which Ifkovitz felt can be chalked up to daily practices.   

“We met this goal with practice every day per usual and just working with my team, making sure everybody’s prepared,” Ifkovits said.

Sabel Imesch ’22 expectations were very high for the game. Although Imesch did not reach her goal of shooting a 40 or 39 she still played through the weather and came out with a great score. This proves that no weather can hold back Souths girls golf team from winning.

“I was going to shoot a 40 or 39 but fell short at a 45,” Imesch said. Due to the courses conditions this was most likely what affected the playing for Imesch. Although the conditions were poor, Imesch continued to play hard and contributed to the win of the team.

“I practiced everyday after school with my team and also alone at Country Club Of Detroit,” Imesch said.

Although every player had their own individual score, the team had an overall collective score as well. South made quite the gap on the spreadsheet, with each player making a difference to prove that South is the superior team on the course and in the match. All of the players on South played quite well individually from Evan Feringa’s perspective, “It’s a mental game and the girls played very well through this match continuing to prove how strong they are.” Feringa said.     

“The match finished with a final score of 170 to 222, with our team leaving no room for defeat,” Imesch said.

Assistant coach, Evan Feringa was there to support and lead the girls through the match. Coach Feringa was on the course the whole match maneuvering around in a club golf cart to see how everyone was doing at each hole, offering support and tips to the girls’ game.

“If we make all the best decisions and if we play to the best of our ability, we will end up where we are right now, winning,” Feringa said.