Queen of the Court: Kate Beardslee ’21


Beardslee warming up for a big match with her doubles partner Maddie Hurley ’20

Her excellence in the grade books matches her excellence on the courts. Kate Beardslee ’21 and her doubles partner scored a nearly undefeated record this season on the Girls Varsity Tennis team. Now, she plans on fighting for the state title.

According to Beardslee, she began her tennis career relatively young, and it was supposedly love at first sight.

“I started playing tennis in third grade when I was about eight. I obviously didn’t play as much as I do now, but my passion for the game has always been very strong,” Beardslee said.

When Beardslee explains her work ethic, it is clear that success wasn’t and accident.

“During the season, I train four to five days a week. This goes for the off-season as well,” Beardslee said.

It is necessary to play year-round when playing Varsity Tennis, according to Beardslee.

“Getting instruction helps build and retain the skills needed to come into the season and play,” Beardslee said.

The rigid schedule that she has followed for years resulted in tremendous growth as Beardslee found herself trying out for the Varsity Tennis team in ninth grade.

“I played on the varsity team as a freshman,” Beardslee said. “That year, I played in the four singles position, which I was proud of.”

According to Beardslee, the following year, coaches saw distinct improvement. They acknowledged her talent by moving her up in the ranks.

“I now play in the one doubles position with Maddie Hurley,” Beardslee said. “We’re 26 and 2 as a pair, but as a team, we are undefeated.

A celebrated record like that was not enough to end the season with satisfaction, according to Beardslee.

“States are coming up next week and I think our team can do really well in it,” Beardslee said.

According to Beardslee, just because she did well in the regular season, doesn’t mean states are going to be easy. There is a lot of pressure added when it is an event like this.

“For states, my mindset is just to be really confident. I am actually really nervous right now, but I just need to stay positive and play the ball, not the team,” Beardslee said.

There is not much more she can do to prepare, than what she’s been doing the whole season long. According to Beardslee, it is all about having a consistent behavior and attitude.

“I’m just trying to keep the same mentality as I have for all of my other matches,” Beardslee said.

The coach can make all the difference for the team, for better or worse, according to Beardslee.  

“Mark [Sobieralski] is a great coach who brings out the best in the team. He loves tennis and makes it a great experience for us,” Beardslee said.

Interestingly, Beardslee has a twin sister, Claire, who is just as intense about tennis as she is.

“My sister, Claire, is also on the Girls Varsity Tennis Team, and she plays in the two doubles position,” Beardslee said.

According to Beardslee, it was definitely a different kind of experience having kin on the team, at least at the beginning.

“Well, for tryouts, it was harder because it was a lot more competitive, but now it is fun and it doesn’t really matter anymore. We are both supportive of each other,” Beardslee said.

What’s after high school? The end of a career, or just the beginning? According to Beardslee, her decision is still unclear.

“I may be trying to play in college. If I did, I would play in division three. Division one would just be too much pressure. Overall, I still have a couple years to figure out what I want to do,” Beardslee said.