South moves forward in creating a secure entry point

Just-us Welch '20, Photo Editor

As the years go on, the dangers of violence in school is more and more prevalent for students in the modern day. Therefore, the prospects of South installing a secure vestibule in 2019 may be considered a relief for parents and students alike.

According to Grosse Pointe South principal Moussa Hamka, a secure vestibule at South would be an entrance where parents can walk into before being buzzed into the building– they  would not have immediate access to the school directly upon entry.

“Currently, we are in the architectural, designing phase,” Hamka said. “Depending on how our timeline works out we would either do that this summer or next summer.”

A secure vestibule has been implemented at Maire.

Elementary and around the principal’s own community, according to Hamka.

“Secured entrances are the best practice that have occurred throughout our nation and our state” Hamka said.

However, Caroline Parthum ’20 said the previous safety precautions haven’t made her feel any more safe than the conditions before the precautions.

“When I was here during freshman year it, was so

much more lenient,” Parthum said. “I still felt safe then.Now, it’s definitely tighter but I don’t feel any more safe.”

Parthum feels a sense of privacy has been lost in school because of all of the new rules that have been issued during her time here at South.

“Now we have to keep the bathroom doors open and everytime I walk out of class I feel like I always need to have a slip even though it’s an emergency– I need to have a pass to fill out,” Parthum said.

Ally Vern ’20 said there’s no harm done by trying to

prevent dangerous situations with the creation of a secure vestibule.

“I think (violent threats) are a reality for any school today,” Vern said. “I’m not sure if it will keep us safer but it’s an interesting idea.”

The need for more extensive safety measures is an issue that is becoming more urgent in our society and there must be efforts made to protect the students at South, according to Hamka.

“Unfortunately, there has been an uptake in violence across the country as it relates to school shootings,” Hamka said. “Each one of them reinforces the need for us to take additional measures such as a safe and secure entrance.”