South students reflect on their Thanksgiving experience


Maddie Weekely '21

Turkey Day fun facts.

Maddie Weekley '21, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, the holiday filled with family, fun and food. This day of thanks has already passed and South students reflect on their day of gratitude.

Kate Ennis ’21 hosted Thanksgiving at her house this year. Her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all came together to celebrate the holiday, according to Ennis. They ate turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and crescent rolls topped with gravy.

“I hate when I have it (Thanksgiving dinner) at my house because my mom gets super stressed and I have to clean up the whole house,” Ennis said. “There’s so much clean up afterwards from all the food so that would definitely be my least favorite part.”

Nia Rahmaan ’21 also hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house and invited many of her relatives over to celebrate. Ennis and Rahmaan both said that their favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes.

“For Thanksgiving I ate turkey and mashed potatoes and macaroni, all of the essentials,” Rahmaan said.

According to Jen Crowley ’21, her favorite part of the holiday is having her siblings come home to spend time together.

“In the morning, me and my family went to brunch at my aunts and then we went to the Lions game,” Crowley said. “It was my first one so it was fun to go to. After that we came home, had turkey for dinner and then we stayed up late and played board games.”

Crowley said that she had eggs, sausage and fruit for brunch along with turkey, rolls and more fruit for dinner. Crowley said that her favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing.

“My least favorite part is probably eating so much food that you feel so stuffed the next day,” Crowley said.

Ennis agrees that feeling full after a big meal is not the most enjoyable part of Thanksgiving, however she is grateful to have such a loving family and delicious food to eat.

“We don’t really have many traditions,” Ennis said. “We just get together to eat food, hang out together and enjoy each others company.”