National German Exam at South


According to German teacher Lisa Richmond, The National German Exam is administered each year to over 26,500 high school students of German. Grosse Pointe South students (Two of whom are also Pierce students) earned the following 35 medals.

“I am extremely proud of them,” Richmond said. 


Level 4 Awards:

Philipp Huettemann – Gold Medal

Sophie Leslie – Gold Medal

Mary Petz – Silver Medal

Elaine Aro – Silver Medal

Liesel Lagrou – Silver Medal

Bridget Driscoll – Bronze Medal

Corinne Charwell – Bronze Medal

Connor Wood – Bronze Medal


Level 3 Awards:

Kristina Rogers – Gold Medal

Christine Chen – Silver Medal

Zachary Peirce – Silver Medal

Alexander Black – Silver Medal

Natalia Szura – Silver Medal

Susan Moesta – Silver Medal

Patrick McKeever – Bronze Medal

Julia Rapai – Bronze Medal


Level 2 Awards:

Alexander Bower – Gold Medal

Preston Riegel – Gold Medal

Lauren Nemeh – Gold Medal

Devon Krasner – Gold Medal

Casey Jackowski – Silver Medal

Adrian Doan – Bronze Medal

Benjamin Hanenkamp – Bronze Medal

Abigail Carolan – Bronze Medal

William Beardslee – Bronze Medal


Level 1 Awards:

Atticus Henry – Gold Medal

Naomi Ozormoor – Gold Medal

Eden Frevik – Gold Medal

Lucille DeBrunner – Silver Medal

Elizabeth High – Silver Medal

Kenneth Prather – Silver Medal

Jordan Buisch – Silver Medal

Finnian O’Connor – Bronze Medal

Sophia Bachert – Bronze Medal

Mary Jordan – Bronze Medal