Lunch go-to at South

Keely Messacar , Web Editor

With South’s open campus for lunch many students go out to lunch or right across the street, according to Owen Chen ’20. Buying lunches every day from our school’s neighboring restaurants and market can become a bit pricey, but Chen thinks it’s a great way to get lunch.

“My lunch usually costs 3 dollars and my parents give me cash with for lunch but I definitely think it gets expensive overtime,” Chen said, “A lot of people go to Farms for lunch including my friends, we have to get there quickly to avoid the rush. It is very convenient since it’s across the street.”

The Farms’ rush right at the beginning of the lunch hours is something Jake McBride ’21 goes through every day. According to McBride, getting chicken tenders every day from Farms is worth the extra few minutes in the morning to not pack a lunch.

“I love buying lunch because I never wake up early enough to pack a lunch, so it’s a big time saver in the morning,” McBride said.

Of course there is a downside of having to buy lunch every day: having to buy lunch every day. According to Erin Steinhauser ’22, her lunch usually costs 5-7 dollars every day depending on if she goes to Farms or Hydrangea, but she doesn’t have to pay for it every day herself.

“I do sometimes get sick of Farms so I will go to Hydrangea as an alternative or I will just get something else from Farms since they have so many different things,” Steinhauser said. “My lunch usually costs around 5 dollars and my parents give me money for my lunches.”

Buying lunch from the same place every day could get sickening for some students but, according to Chen he has found the solution of variety. According to Chen he has his go-to from Farms, but sometimes changes things up.

“I usually will get soup there, it’s really good and especially when it gets cold I like to have it to warm me up,” Chen said. “If I ever do get sick of eating at farms I will, get pizza or chicken or possibly Hydrangea.”