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Underutilized, underappreciated: A look at teachers who come in early

Marcus Boddy '20, Staff Writer

February 25, 2020

Students have developed many different methods to succeed in class and in school-- from studying to working with peers, there is something for everyone. Yet there is another underutilized tool students can use-- teachers who come in early before school to help students such as Nico Kosmas ’20. “When I come in earl...

Celebrating black history month inside and outside of the classroom

Ally Strehlke '22, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

After being slammed last year for not doing enough for Black History Month, the Social Studies Department is working avidly to acknowledge black history this February. According to social studies department chair Peter Palen, each teacher makes a commitment to do something to acknowledge black history. ¨Some...

Keepin’ it black and white

Photo courtesy of Imran Siddiqui '20

Imran Siddiqui '20 and Katie Cherven '20

February 12, 2020

Representation takes many forms: from who is on a TV screen, to the makeup of the government, to local leadership, the identities built into daily life can greatly affect the way a society functions. Suburban organizer for the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion Dez Squire said lack of diversity,...

About the director: Andrew Fleming

Photo courtesy of Andrew Flemming.

Jackson Marchal '21, Assistant Business Manager

January 8, 2020

Imagine a theatrical play. Condense the time frame to 15 to 30 minutes, but still make sure that it encompases an entire story while getting to the point. According to Andrew Fleming ’20, this is what to expect from any One Act performance. In fact, Fleming is working on directing his own to present...

Teens battle winter weather

photo courtesy of flickr

Anthony Furtaw '21, Staff writer

January 6, 2020

For many teens, a new license and car is an exciting thing, but it can also be very hazardous when dangerous weather such as snow and ice is thrown in the mix. Teens who are newer to the driving experience and haven’t driven in winter weather yet aren’t really sure what to expect or what precautions...

A diet of change over time

A diet of change over time

Anna Ludvigsen ’20, Staff Writer

January 5, 2020

Dieting has been a huge part of society for a long time, and has drastically changed over the past decade, but no one is really sure what the best diet is and if we are going in the right direction today. According to Health teacher Westfall, it was popular to cut out an entire food group a decad...

Sacrificing school for sports

Infographic by Paige Evers

Paige Evers '22 and Becca Koch '22

January 4, 2020

Student athletes are a huge sector of every high school population. But for those whose capabilities extend past the average high schooler, more must be done. This leads many to take on the expensive, extensive and extraordinary world of travel sports. Travel sports offer a higher level of competi...

Dreaming of a sandy Christmas: Student shares traveling tradition

Cam Buhler '21, Staff Writer

December 22, 2019

Spending the holidays in the coldness of Michigan is the reality for most students at South. Many of us wish for a white Christmas, but are usually sadly left with cold and dry weather. However, for William Sine ‘21, his worries for the holiday consists of how cold the ocean is and if there’s any...

To buy or not to buy: Students debate lunch options

Fresh Farms Market is a popular lunch choice for students due to its close proximity to South.

Keely Messacar '21, Web Editor

December 22, 2019

With South’s open campus for lunch, many students go out to lunch or right across the street, according to Owen Chen ’20. Buying lunches every day from our school’s neighboring restaurants and market can become a bit pricey, but Chen thinks it’s a great way to get lunch. “My lunch usually costs ...

Holiday spirit week: Student Association brings holiday spirit to South

Holiday spirit week: Student Association brings holiday spirit to South

Frannie O'Shea '21, Staff writer

December 19, 2019

To get everyone in the holiday spirit before break, all four Student Councils and Student Association are putting on a spirit week from Mon, Dec.16th to Friday, Dec. 20th. The themes for the week are as follows: Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Tropical Day, Wednesday is Ski-Themed Day, Thursday is Ugly...