Gen Z and the call to action

The Tower Staff

Upon opening Instagram, TikTok or any similar social media, it’s difficult to scroll for long without seeing activism in some form. Whether that be a reposted infographic, an original song about personal adversities, a link to a petition or a countless array of others, activity like this has flourished over the past few years.

In a study performed by Edelman, 70 percent of Generation Z fights for a social or political cause. We at The Tower see this passion all around us and celebrate its impact. Single posts can spread like wildfire, appearing on countless feeds and alerting entire young communities of the very real prejudices that exist in our world.

And these tactics have made a splash, too–from the surge in the Black Lives Matter movement during 2020 to the steady push for inclusive language over the past few years, the efforts of Gen Z have created a buzz that brings critical issues to the forefront of national attention. Our voices echo throughout D.C., where politicians debate real proposals that could alter minority lives.

None of this, however, can dispel the persistent distrust older generations hold for Gen Z. To them, our youth is synonymous with recklessness, our lack of experience with naivety. Too often, we’re told we have no right to be talking about such things as prejudice and adversity– we’re simply too young.

We at The Tower believe Generation Z is one of change. Growing up with a world of information at our fingertips thanks to the internet, we have seen, heard and experienced more at an earlier age than any generation before us. Likewise, we can do more. Social media affords us the opportunity to connect across streets and cities and oceans, until one small voice is heard throughout the globe. Such an ability is invaluable to effecting change. It affords us great power, as well as great responsibility– we at The Tower believe Gen Z is too young to brush injustice under the rug.

Being the next wave of decision makers is a daunting task, but it can only be tackled through education and action. While we cannot claim to have lived through the same horrors and glory days as our elders, it’s important to note that there are people out there who have and are willing to share.

As students, it is our mission to take the wealth of knowledge passed down to us, recognize its flaws and say “I am not OK with this”.

We at The Tower encourage students to pay attention to the problems all around them, and to be part of the solution. If we want to mold the world into one we’re proud to live in, we have to start now.

Gen Z may be young and may have room yet to grow, but our voices are worthy of being heard. Regardless of the wishes of our elders, Generation Z will be the next thinkers, the next politicians, the next voters. With our formative years, we’re learning how to do these things with more success than ever before.

We at The Tower applaud all those with the conviction to stand up for what they believe in, especially while doubt looms overhead. Our world is far from perfect–speaking up in the face of injustice brings us one step closer.