South’s choir comes together for competition season


Picture courtesy of Susan Sherer

The South choir in a circle before their competition in Findlay, Ohio Friday.

Bells were ringing and children were singing and yet Christmas is long gone.

Grosse Pointe South’s competition preview set walked on stage last Thursday, Jan. 26 at their annual Winter Spectacular concert. With gears pumping and hearts strong, the choirs showed off in preparation for their over-the-weekend competition in Findlay, Ohio.

“I love competition season because it really brings everyone in choir closer,” Virginia Cinnamond ’17 said. “It really shows me how much hard work pays off. If you give all of your energy in rehearsals and preparation, you will see results.”

Results were shown on Thursday’s preview show with rehearsed harmonies and dialogues as well as many custom-made outfits ready for a quick change behind the curtains. It was accompanied by an audience of friends and family ready to watch the choir’s performance.

“Everything really comes together around competition season,” Christopher Pratt, South’s Choral Director, said. “Everyone puts in the work and we really get to see what we’re made of.”

For some, like Cinnamond, this is their last competition season with South’s choirs. But for the majority, this is all an experience to take away from, she said.

“The camaraderie really comes out during competition,” Allison Frazer ’19 said. “I love seeing everything come together. It was really great to see everyone cheering each other on because we all want to win.”

The competition season isn’t over yet, either. Findlay has passed, but the South choirs aren’t finished with their hours of effort. The choirs still have a competition in Fort Wayne, Indiana in mid-March.