Boys Lacrosse Affected By Covid


Nick Louisell , Staff Writer

With the COVID-19 running throughout Grosse Pointe, South sports teams are required to test weekly in order to prevent any further spread of the virus. The players in these sports have to jump through hoops that fall and winter athletes didn’t have to go through. All of the spring sports teams that have been affected by COVID, whether it be one player or the whole team quarantined, have been forced to shift their scheduling and game times.

“COVID-19 affects our daily lives and has the potential to change our schedule at any second,” Andrew Hakim ’23 said. “This has gotten me very worried. I’m feeling like I’m not making the amount of progress as I would if it were a pre-COVID time, meaning I am decently unmotivated. Not knowing if my season will stick out or get canceled hurts a player’s ego, especially when they are trying to make strides of progress.”

Boys lacrosse has had two games canceled due to south or its opponents having positive tests on the teams. The two games against Royal Oak and Northville have been canceled because Northville and Royal Oak have had positive tests on their teams and some Blue Devil players.

With the pandemic continuing to affect our day-to-day lives, it has been fascinating to see how many players go in and out of our team due to constant quarantines. Flynn Mackrell ’23.” said. “It’s affected me mentally because at any time and any point of the season; I could be pulled out for 14 days. Meaning I would miss the rest of the season.”

The influx of players going in and out due to COVID-19 has also affected the varsity team, who have needed to pull up players from JV to fill spots on the active roster.

“When I was told I’d be playing on the varsity team, I was very excited it showed that my hard work has paid off, especially since this is my first year playing the sport.” Hakim said, “What I also like about coming onto the varsity team is that the coaches I have seen work that I put on the field and know that I have the talent to play on the varsity team.”

Coaches have also had to deal with the problems of covid having some players playing that week and other players not playing that week.

“Not knowing the number of players in what players you have each week changes up the strategies going into practice and then going into the games.” Coach Joe Pacifici said. “Also, having juniors from the varsity team being able to come down to JV to help them meet their requirements to play their games has been a tremendous help not only for the development of our JV guys for the development of our juniors who are currently on Varsity.”