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Girls’ track team turns suds into support

Car wash to raise money for the team

On Saturday, May 4, the Girls’ Track team held a car wash from 10:30- 1:30 and came together in the hope of raising money for the team.

Emily Przybylski ’24, a 4th-year distance runner, states that the car wash is a fun way to raise money that people may be more inclined to donate since they are providing a service that is cheap to do and put on.

There were various jobs a track member could do. Some were on the street and others helped in the parking lot.

“ Some people hold signs by the street to pull in the customers, some people have hoses to spray the car first and then spray it down again, some have sponges with soap to scrub the car and others have drying duty where they have towels to dry off the cars,” Przybylski said.

The car wash didn’t require a charge for a car cleaning but gratuity was appreciated for the team’s money jar.

“ The funds from this car wash are for our team only to spend on any equipment that might need to be replaced such as hurdles, high jump mats, or starting blocks,” Przybylski said.

The car wash day was perfect, the weather was nice and the only challenge the girls faced was the lack of cars that came through.

“ We used social media to attract customers, but there was a baseball game that day and it was hard to get customers because everyone was going to that, overall the car wash did go great,” Przybylski said.

Overall the girls’ track team worked together to have fun, raise money for their team and help the community by cleaning their cars.

“ I think the generosity of the families, contributed the most to the success of the car wash we had,” Przbylski said.

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