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’21 Jump Street’ a new spin on a classic cop drama

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MATT RIASHI ‘13 | Staff Writer

Promo poster courtesy of Columbia Pictures

 The film “21 Jump Street,” a 1980s cop drama remake, is far superior to most remakes. Albeit there have been some lackluster films based off of TV shows, but “21 Jump Street” does not disappoint.

“21 Jump Street” follows the same plot as the TV series: two young cops are sent undercover to a high school after they fail to fulfill their basic police duties. Jonah Hill plays alongside Channing Tatum as they investigate crime.

In the movie it is explained that Tatum was the cool jock and Hill was the kid trying to fit in when they were in high school together. As they start to inflitrate the school, their previous roles reverse; Hill becomes the kid who fits in and Tatum becomes the nerdy kid, trying to fit in.

One funny subplot to the main story line is how when they arrive the two characters mix up their identities and Tatum, who is not the brightest, is enrolled into all advanced classes like, AP Chemistry, and Hill is in the easy classes.

The movie does exaggerate some things, like how the two characters could be mistaken for high school students.

The last scenes of the movie are bloody but hilarious, fitting right in with the rest of the movie’s over the top humor.

One of the only negatives about the movie is the length. It is 109 minutes long, but seems much longer as it starts off slow.

“21 Jump Street” is a mix of the cop movie “The Other Guys”, high school party comedy “Superbad”, which also features Hill and little bit of, “Pineapple Express”. 

The film has very funny moments, although they are frequently silly non-sequiters. But its viewers will find themselves laughing the majority of the time.



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’21 Jump Street’ a new spin on a classic cop drama