Greenfield Village revives the Christmas spirit

Emily Colen '23, Staff Writer

Providing Michigan residents with a unique way of expressing the seasonal spirit, Greenfield Village transports you into an American Christmas celebration during the 19th and 20th centuries. Across its 80-acre span, Greenfield Village’s Holiday Nights allows for an immersive after-hours experience each weekend in the month of December.

RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF MAIN STREET The beautifully decorated Main Street provides people with the perfect Christmas experience, filled with old-fashioned decorations and classic holiday aromas.

Upon entering the village, the delightful sound of carolers dressed in festive winter apparel from the 19th century sang ballads of “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World”.

Walking down the populated Main Street, bright stringed lights are attached to lamp posts decorated with garland, highlighting an array of old-fashioned businesses selling antique and handcrafted holiday goods.

On the right side of the street, freshly cut Christmas trees wait to be purchased. On the left side, wooden stands selling toasted almonds, warm beef sandwiches and fresh kettle corn provide delicious sweet and savory aromas.

Transportation, including Ford Model T’s and horse-drawn carriages, provide special passage opportunities for people to reach the festivities and dinner opportunities at a faster pace.

Package deals including “Supper with Santa” and “Holiday Nights at Eagle Tavern” allow for family and friends alike to eat tasty food while surrounding themselves with a cheery environment. In “Supper with Santa”, Santa Claus happily greets and converses with each table while Mrs. Claus gathers all the children together and sits them on the carpet to read a Christmas story.

WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Carolers bundled up in 19th-century apparel serenade the public from a well-lit pavilion.

After “Supper with Santa ” ends at 6 p.m., Santa makes his way to the balcony of the Frost Home, where he calls out the names of the children viewing him on the balcony. Alongside the Frost Home, Santa’s reindeer are available for petting and feeding.

Throughout this outdoor village, Christmas-themed signs point in the direction of numerous festivities including ice skating, artisan crafting and riding on the famous Herschell-Spillman carousel. Storytellers and carolers place themselves around wood-burning fires and welcome passersby to sit, relax and gain both warmth and entertainment. Animated and live-action Christmas films provide seating and are accompanied by stands selling hot cocoa, apple cider and freshly made donuts.

In escaping the cold,  historic homes decorated in the 18th century invite people inside to view men and women dressed in period apparel demonstrating skills such as painting, clothes making and cooking a Christmas dinner.

Greenfield Village Holiday Nights truly utilizes the five senses to transport visitors into the simplicity of the Christmas season during the 19th and 20th centuries. With the many interactive and festive activities offered, visitors are able to create memories that are wholesome, meaningful and filled with holiday spirit