Don’t Worry Darling – I’m not afraid

Sophia Kapla '23, Staff Writer

The highly-anticipated psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” came out on Sept. 23, and has since garnered the attention of the internet, along with many varying opinions. This can be largely attributed to the casting of the two main roles with prominent media names– Harry Styles and Florence Pugh.
The movie starts out by portraying the perfect life in a small neighborhood, but throughout the film, the truth begins to unveil itself. Florence Pugh plays the role of Alice Chambers, the wife of Jack Chambers, who is played by Harry Styles. The two portray this perfect couple, until Pugh finds out that the life she is living doesn’t seem so practical. Frank, who is played by Chris Pine, leads the life of the perfect world they live in.
Even though the movie is labeled as a horror or thriller, I wouldn’t really characterize it as so. There was nothing really horror-inducing about the movie, other than a few jumpscares. The ending of the movie was very good because most of the loose ends were tied together. I enjoyed how it takes a twist, and how many aspects are unexpected. I would suggest watching this movie twice to really understand what is going on, because after watching it once, I still had quite a few questions.