Prom is one of the last memories of high school and worth the cost

Mia Craparotta '22, Copy Editor

Prom is something that I personally have been looking forward to for many years now. There is a lot that goes into prom. It is a very special day for seniors, as it is one of our final hurrahs before we graduate from high school. Prom is the perfect night to spend with your closest friends and make some of the best memories before graduation.

You may be wondering, is prom worth the money? Short answer is yes, and here’s why. What other time are girls able to buy a beautiful long dress, and have your hair and makeup done? And for boys when are you ever able to wear a suit or tux?

If the prices are what is holding you back from looking your best on prom, there are many alternative options to purchase a nice outfit, such as renting a dress or suit online at stores such as “Rent the Runway” or you can even make some great finds at the thrift store.

Prom tends to bring students together at the end of the year. Students can ask someone they are interested in, or even their significant other with a creative poster. Everyone is able to eat and socialize at the dance where there are fun decorations that come with all the great planning that our class representatives have done for us.

The time and energy they put into prom needs to be recognized while we enjoy the amazing dance they put together for us. Students are able to hangout with friends that they may not see outside of school, while sharing some of our greatest memories from the year.

Years from now I’m sure we will still be talking about prom, and how we can recall all the details from the night. There is no reason to not attend prom, it’s something that schools look forward to every year as a chance to say farewell to the Senior class.