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Finding time for prom

Layla Demir

Prom is a very memorable occasion for high school students each year, or so we are told it is by parents and those before us. So, of course, there are nerves and lots of preparation taking place in the coming weeks and even months leading up to this special day, and each detail matters. Suit and dress alterations, fake tans and nails, after-prom trip excursion planning and so much more are in the works in hopes of making the actual day smooth, calm, and enjoyable. Those who plan on attending, roughly the whole class of seniors, will once again have to cram on this day after being forced to attend at least four exhausting hours of school.

One problem with this system is that it doesn’t account for last-minute changes and appointments on the day. This year will be my second time at Prom, this time as a senior, and I can personally say that even with zero appointments I was rushing to get ready in time for pictures. Most people start pictures as early as four o’clock. So sleep in that hair and make-up unless you want to be late to the dance, ladies!

Secondly, senioritis is a term we are all pretty familiar with, and if not, it is purely a name for seniors struggling to go to their classes, especially those last few weeks when prom is right around the corner. Those students will likely have to attend the four hours, or possibly the entire day due to their number of absences.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the majority of teachers will not assign much coursework for seniors to complete in the expectation that students will be out celebrating their final school dance that night and weekend, as doing so would be cruel and unusual. Knowing that most seniors will be absent on prom day, teachers also rarely choose it as a testing day, so what’s the big deal?

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