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Con: Wearing white isn’t a big deal

Joshua Sonnenberg ’25

Growing up in this city where girls wear the same type of clothes to every event is draining and quite ridiculous to watch. White or black cropped shirts with blue jeans for house parties, dresses with dirty Converse for homecoming, satin unflavored dresses for senior prom and most controversial of all, white short dresses for graduation.

The crazy part about it is that some girls get looked down upon or get brought up in group chats about what they wore and how they dress., I’ve been in a few. Wearing a white dress because you want to, vs wearing it because you like it on you, are very far apart from each other. Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean you have a soul obligation to.

We live in a very verbal and physically expressive generation, where girls wear suits to formal events, boys apply make-up for a softer look and we have pronouns to address our sexuality. I find it silly that we are limiting our clothing choices. I think the standard of wearing white is funny. Some think this is just something that has or is “required” to be done or what looks the best, and that is not the case.

The excessive amount of chatter from girls about their white dresses and what size 0 stores they’re shopping from can cause a lot of anxiety for a student who doesn’t feel confident or even comfortable enough to wear white. Graduation is to not only celebrate your academic accomplishments but the person you have become, not if your hair is perfectly curled or if you can walk in heels or not. For many students, their style choice is a representation of themselves, which takes a long time to adapt to their sense of style.

Personally, I am wearing a white dress because I feel beautiful and comfortable, but it’s different when people start feeling pressured to wear something that they would prefer not to want to. If you are wearing white that is your choice, but talking about it to the point where others start to feel like that’s their only choice is not acceptable. I’m excited to see the different clothing choices that students make this year. Typically white is known as a formal color, but anything would look good on anybody.

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Morgan Payne '24
Morgan Payne '24, Multimedia Manager
Regarding hard work, seconnd-year staffer and Multimedia Manager Morgan Payne ’24 is driven by the word. From working multiple jobs to writing for two newspapers, Payne is diligent, dedicated and disciplined. “I work a lot, I have multiple different jobs, including the Tower which is a big job itself,” Payne said. “If I’m not at school, I’m probably at one organization or being a waiter at Antonio’s in Grosse Pointe Park.” Payne said she loves journalism, not just because her friends are in there because she loves to write. “Journalism has a special meaning to me because its a form of communication,” Payne said. “I’m a big talker and I love to inform, so journalism is right up my alley and is something I am going into for my career.” Outside of Tower, Payne said she likes to write short stories and is a part of different organiztions that empower young women. Payne said she can’t wait for a new year of the Tower and hopes other people will join too. “I would suggest anybody who loves to write, get along with people, get involved with your community to join The Tower,” Payne said. “The Tower has been such a great outlet for me to express myself, so join The Tower if you want that.”
Joshua Sonnenberg ’25
Joshua Sonnenberg ’25, Graphics Editor
Joshua Sonnenberg ’25 has a lot of unique hobbies, such as building his own computer, participating in lots of running, and frequently adding to his comic book collection. His love for drawing however is what inspired him to become Graphics Editor for The Tower. “I love having the opportunity to publish both written and artistic works in the paper,” Sonnenberg said. The second year staffer is never seen without wired headphones, which usually have boygenius playing. Sonnenberg can almost always be found uniquely making his graphics on his phone instead of the typical iPad.

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