The CW’s “All American” is a big hit on Netflix


Mia Craparotta '22, Staff writer

All the entertainment rage recently has been about a Netflix series called “All American.” The series is inspired by the life of professional American football player, Spencer Paysinger, with Daniel Ezra in the lead role. The show follows a high school student named Spencer James who is a rising high school football player, who transfers schools and moves into his coach’s home so he is able to play at Beverly Hills High School to receive a better opportunity at football. Viewers watch Spencer grow as a person and a football star throughout each episode where he meets many new people and finds himself in many new challenges while playing football and being a part of this new atmosphere in general.

This is my favorite show on Netflix by far. It is intriguing, entertaining, and overall just amazing. I recommend this show for high school students because it can teach them lessons and is relatable.

The characters are all very different from each other which kept me entertained. There is always something crazy happening which is the main reason a lot of students watch it.

In my opinion, season one is better than season two although they are both great. Season one had more surprises and cliff hangers, which I personally enjoy. Also because in season one we were just learning about all the characters and their backgrounds.

As of right now the show has two seasons but season three is expected to come out in October of 2020, and will be available on Netflix in March. If you have not watched it already, I highly suggest you do. “All American” really pulls you in and is an overall great show.