Frozen 2 leaves viewers feeling warm, fuzzy

Katie Maraldo '21, Staff Writer

The sequel to the blockbuster hit Frozen, Frozen 2- hit theatres on Nov. 22, 2019. The movie opens with a beautiful animation style and many colors – Elsa’s blue-toned ice castle contrasts with the warm, fall-like colors of the earth.
As conflict beings, the screen darkens and the town of Arendelle is torn apart. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the first big song in the movie, “Into the Unknown”. It was underwhelming to listen to because being both a fan of Frozen and a musician, I had expected the first song to somehow allude to the Frozen soundtrack, like having notes or rhythms from songs like “Let it Go” or “For the First Time in Forever.”
That being said, I loved the portrayal of the elements (earth, air, wind and fire) in the woods because, again, the colors were gorgeous and the way they came to life in the animation was very creative.
The other big number that Elsa sings, “Show Yourself,” completely contradicted the first song, though. The chilling vocals and excitement in this song gave me chills. Another thing I loved about this movie was the female-centered heroic feeling of it. Elsa and Anna, the Princess and Queen of Arendalle, are on their own to lead the town. I liked the fact that both of the sisters worked together to save the day in this movie because the majority of Disney movies have male leads who save the day.

While the plot itself is a whirlpool of emotions, I felt that the overarching portrayal of the characters is uniquely simplistic and depicts a meaningful message for little kids to understand.
In addition, I liked how the comic relief, Olaf the snowman, still obtained his cute, kid-friendly sense of humor and kindness. However,t I was disappointed that his character gave off an eerie, blue feeling. For example, he gets scared by something and starts introspectively questioning the world around him. Though I think this was something that mostly the older kids and adults would recognize, it was a bit much for little kids to understand.Also, in this new movie, Elsa obtains a new, icy, “frozen” glow to her appearance. Her stature is revamped with her new hair style- she wears it down, symbolizing her new found confidence.
Overall, I loved the glistening, magical vibe that Frozen 2 gave off, and its ups and downs made the plot fascinating. The movie provides a heartwarming experience for people of all ages and provides closure to the Frozen franchise overall at the end of the movie. Frozen 2 was definitely just as good as Frozen itself and I definitely recommend going to see it. I give this movie a 9.5/10 stars.