Harriet is an educational and visual masterpiece

Mia Craparotta '22, Staff writer

I knew the name Harriet Tubman and some of the amazing accomplishments she made being a conductor in the underground railroad, but I had never learned about in in depth, or about the many risks she took to free almost 300 slaves from Maryland. After watching this breathtaking film I realized that I truly did not know much about Harriet Tubman, there were many moments where my heart sank and also many moments where I felt so proud of Harriet. The film was so intense and intriguing and almost felt like I was in the movie.

The movie starts out with Harriet laying on a field having visions of her childhood. She was born into slavery and had many heartbreaking events happen in her childhood such as her sisters being taken away. When the movie begins Harriet is already married to her first husband, who is already a freed slave. As the movie continues, showing what it was like for Harriet and her family living as slaves on a plantation is Maryland, Harriet and her husband ask the plantation owner if she is allowed to have children, and if they are able to not be born into slavery. When the owner refuses to allow this, Harriet becomes very upset and starts praying to God.

When Harriet hears this news, she refuses to stay on the plantation any longer. A quote that really stuck out to me in the movie was when Harriet says, “There are two things I’ve got a right to, and these are, Death or Liberty – one or the other I mean to have,” after saying this, she runs away, without telling anyone but her father and pastor.

Eventually after the long journey with many obstacles Harriet makes it to Pennsylvania where she is no longer a slave. This is where she chose the name Harriet Tubman. After a year of freedom Harriet decides that she can’t stay in Pennsylvania while knowing her family members are still slaves back in Maryland so she decides to go against what everyone in Pennsylvania says and goes back to get her family. After successfully making it back with many other slaves Harriet decides to be a conductor of the Underground Railroad and in her lifetime she successfully frees almost 300 slaves.

Overall this was an amazing movie and I would watch many more times for sure. It shows many amazing accomplishments of Harriet that are intriguing to learn about. I give this movie a 5/5 and recommend you go see it!