A scary amount of fun

Keegan Spitz '20, Staff Writer

Varsity Club does many service projects throughout the course of the year. However, their biggest event is Halloween In The Park. Halloween In The Park allows kids and their families to go trick-or-treating at the Grosse Pointe Park Park where Varsity Club members volunteer by passing out candy. 

“One of the fun things that the volunteers enjoy is the community involvement and giving back,” Varsity Club advisor Ryan Wheaton said. “The park really relies on us. They have about 40 stations and we cover about 15 of them which is a large portion that we help out with.”

President Varsity Club president Julia Hudson ’20, has been impressed with the turnout of volunteers in previous years and expects nothing less this time around.

“The participation from club members is pretty exceptional for Halloween In The Park because it is one of our biggest events,” Hudson said. Varsity Club vice president Alston Smith ’21, embraces the role of the costumes as she believes it really makes the event a lot more festive.

“Since [the volunteers] all wear costumes, it makes everyone look like they really care,” Smith said. “It is also really cute to see little kids in their costumes as well. It is just a really fun way for everyone in the community to come together and just eat candy.”

Wheaton understands the level of commitment it takes for club members to donate their time. He is grateful they see value in volunteering, and hopes that will push them to volunteer in the future.

“I really appreciate when kids take the time, and not just donate something,” Wheaton said. “It is great when I see kids give back in their own time, and they see the results of what they are doing and the good that they are doing.”

According to Smith, the volunteers benefit just as much as the trick-or-treaters who get the candy and get to do the haunted house, because they get a first hand view at the positive impact they are making on all of the kids and their families.

“I think the people who are volunteering benefit because I think it is fun for them too.,” Hudson said. “They get to see the community come together and know that they were part of bringing the community together, and I think that is rewarding.”