Tee Grizzley album rides wave of hype to success

Tee Grizzley  album rides wave of hype to success

Jacob Harris '21, Web Manager

Tee Grizzley released his second album of 2018, “Still My Moment” on Nov. 9. This album shares a personal and inspirational side of Tee Grizzley that he has shown since the beginning of his career.

The album is a sequel to his 2017 album, ”My Moment” which was a big hit. This album had a lot of hype due to his success last year and it lived up to the expectations.

Tee Grizzley teased the album by releasing “Pray for the Drip” previous to the album release. This song was what initially got me excited for the album and my excitement only grew when Grizzley finally released the full album.

Tee Grizzley’s style of rap is what really attracts me to his music. He isn’t like most rappers, who use a bunch of jumbled words that rhyme and match a beat. He tells a story through his lyrics, which makes his music so inspirational to listen to.

Two of my personal favorite songs from the album are “Babies to Men” and ”We Dreamin”. These two songs seem to tell the story of growing up and having dreams, and these are the types of songs that really seem to mean something to people. Listening to these songs can actually impact your life, unlike listening to most rappers. It is much more meaningful and entertaining to listen to a story instead of just jumbled words.

The  main topic of Grizzley’s album was his time in prison, and his successes following that time in his life. He incorporated this theme into his songs in a very creative way that not many other rappers could imitate. Grizzley got a lot more personal on this album than he did  in others but listening to it didn’t sound like you were just listening to him talk about his past. The way he articulates his story makes it very relatable to the listener and therefore makes it hard to stop listening.

However, despite all the positives, there are a few minor negatives. Some of the songs are very repetitive, and seem to tell the same story, just with different words and a slightly different beat to them. The album is slightly inconsistent because there are some very terrific songs, but there are also some songs I would skip over without thinking twice about it. Yes, every album has its inconsistencies, but I feel this album could have been better top to bottom.

Overall, I would rate this album an 8.5 out of 10. The top songs on this album balance out the sub-par songs, and therefore make it a very enjoyable album. The story-telling aspect along with perfect corresponding beats and lyrics makes this album a must-listen for any true rap fans.