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South’s “Little Shop of Horrors” was a big hit

Conveniently opening just weeks after the total solar eclipse, the closing night of South’s “Little Shop of Horrors” on Apr. 27 marked both the end and the beginning of an era for its many student performers and crew members.

After performing in the winter One Act shows, Violet Lincicome ’26 stepped behind the curtain to bring the flesh-eating Audrey Two plant to life. Lincicome said she found the experience incredibly rewarding and has enjoyed forming deep connections while working with many of her fellow cast and crew members.

“As someone who hasn’t been in theater until this year, from what I’ve seen, we all act like a unit,” Lincicome said. “Working together to get things done is vital so it all ends up looking good.”

Though Lincicome is relatively new to the stage, Grace Euper ’24 took her final bow as Audrey Saturday night, marking the end of a seven-year performing career. Though she found the six-hour rehearsals grueling at times, Euper said she cherished this time spent among her friends and was grateful for this last opportunity.

“I have known for a really long time that I am not going to do theater in college, so I really had to soak up every moment because I’m not going to do this again,” Euper said. “I’m really glad that I had the time to do this when I did.”

The emotion portrayed on stage was palpable, and audience members left the auditorium being able to feel the determination and effort put into the show radiate during the performance.

“It was great, there was a ton of energy and passion,” Jack Slawson’24 said. “They all have creative ideas and it turns out well as everyone is very passionate, they had a great final performance.”

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