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Newsbites: The Tower wraps up 2023

Some of the most popular stories over the past year
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The culture of Catholicism: how religious shame manifests in society

The deeply rooted history of Catholicism in America has led to a culture of shame. The cyclical nature of abuse has always been connected to religion, whether healing it or causing it.

Failing to fund the clinic 

On Thursday, January 19th, the Grosse Pointe Board of Education held a special meeting that was about the decrease in funding for clinics. The payment of health care has increased a lot, which causes problems for families who struggle with money. Having free health care would be a game changer for not only students, but parents as well.

Automotive workers stand strong throughout strike

Millions affected from the automotive strike led by the UAW. Beginning September 15th, thousands of union members walked out of the big three companies, Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

Which hurts the most, to permit or restrict? 

One criticism of Grosse Pointe South is their dress code policy, students have many complaints about the policy stating the policy is too restricting. In October this year we wrote an editorial asking students to raise their voices against the school’s policy. As of today, the policy hasn’t been changed.

An inside look at South’s favorite sweet treat

Ever since 1990 the GPS Mother’s club has sold cookies in the school store every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even though the Mother’s club makes only a slight profit on their baked goods, they strive to continue to sell them at their price for students and to brighten their day.

Pressure Promotes Passion

New teammates can mess up the flow of sports teams, especially when most of your friends and teammates leave for college. Pressure for lower classmen to fill the shoes of leaving seniors is a lot as they try to balance good sportsmanship and maintaining the strong bonds that lead to success.

Leaving a community shell-shocked

With 20 years of remembrance, Frankie the tortoise, which was Lou’s Pet Shop’s store animal, passed away on Tuesday, October 24th. Leaving many people in shock, but also leaving great memories and joy to the community. Frankie attracted a lot of customers, and even though he passed away, his legacy will always be within the store, and people.

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About the Contributors
Leila Oskui
Leila Oskui, Page Editor
Leila Oskui ’26 is one of the Tower’s newest page editors, and she said she is ready to bring her grit and passion to the newspaper this year.“I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories,” Oskui said. “Being on (The) Tower gives me the opportunity to talk to lots of (different) people.”When not participating in school activities or sports like Cross Country, Track and Field, or Ice Hockey, Oskui spends lots of her time volunteering, specifically for Make Food Not Waste. “(The nonprofit) works out of a church, and they give out leftover food,” Oskui said. “I’ve spent over a hundred hours volunteering this past summer.”
Harrison Balfour '24
Harrison Balfour '24, Supervising Photographer
If you happen to see Harrison outside of school, chances are he either has a skateboard beneath him or a camera in hand—possibly even both. As Supervising Photographer for the Tower this year, Balfour has a knack for finding and capturing the beautiful moments of everyday life, one that he hopes will someday land him a job with a newspaper publication. For now though, Tower is enough for Balfour, who sees it as an opportunity to tell unique stories and talk to people who have something to say.“I was always drawn to (Journalism),” Balfour said. “I like telling stories and talking to people-- I feel like I just like people.”When it comes to his journalistic work, however, nothing inspires Balfour more than photography.“I like taking photos (and) capturing a beautiful moment that can never happen again,” Balfour said. “It’s a one-time thing that only I saw and captured.”

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