The re-crowning of Red Crown


Genevieve Boutrous '23, Staff Writer

The moment everyone’s been waiting for is finally here: the re-opening of one of Grosse Pointe’s famous food landmarks, Red Crown. After much talk and consideration from the restaurant, a decision had been made to completely rebrand what was once coined as a top American-styled restaurant, to a now Mexican-themed establishment.

Speaking from personal experience, Red Crown has always had such a pleasant vibe to it, making me feel comfortable and able to enjoy my dining experience much more. Post re-opening, I still feel that sense of comfort and liveliness within the restaurant which shows its ability to change its style without tampering with the fine dining experience it presents to its customers.

Though the vibe of the restaurant remains consistent in terms of pre-modeling to post, the menu however seemed a bit minimal. Sure, there were your classic-styled tacos, but that is just about it. The food itself was tasty and definitely could compete with some true Mexican-styled restaurants, but I believe that Red Crown could extend its menu just a bit more to include more of a variety of items for their customers.

Red Crown’s switch from American to Mexican-styled food was undeniably out of the blue but was not a bad surprise. It is most definitely true that there are some minor tweaks to fix within the restaurant system, but in a matter of time, I know that Red Crown will be the place to be for some street-style tacos this summer. As an old frequent customer of Red Crown, I can wholeheartedly say that your dining experience will be nothing short of enjoyable.