No quote list


Anna Gulyas '23, Associate Editor

Buried within the Tower Google Drive under the “Essentials” folder, resides an unassuming and simple list: No quote list.

Anticipating this folder to be laced with corrupt, morally challenged or unprofessional names, it is rather surprising to learn it is only composed of a single name, written out in an equally ominous way: Selga JANSONS.

Despite not being in Tower herself, Selga Jansons has played an instrumental role in my three-year Tower career. As I spent late nights as a sophomore doing copy edits, Selga would be by my side, unable to stop herself from offering up her own advice or rewordings. As I moved up in positions, Selga moved up in the extremity of her recommendations. Pondering new issue ideas or story pitches, Selga was always there, creating elaborate themes she thought the Tower should take on. Admittedly, when I found myself stuck coming up with in-depth stories or profiles, I fell back on Selga’s own life for ideas.

Most importantly, whilst all of this was happening, she was meticulously having Tower stories written about her, constantly being interviewed by innocent staff members, unaware of her manipulative tactics to find her way in yet another issue.

Selga felt so inclined to be a part of Tower, we eventually had to bar her from all interviews. Her persistence ran so strong, the “No quote list” had to be derived solely for her. Nonetheless, for the sake of journalistic integrity, this unfortunately did not stop Selga from being in almost every single issue after the releasing of the list.

Now, as I move on from my time with the Tower, I am reminded of not just the disco deadlines, MIPA camps, informative interviews and infamous Edge icebreakers, but also Selga Jansons. As I mourn the loss of one of my favorite activities and extracurriculars, by association, I will mourn the loss of the then never-ending battle with my best friend– a bittersweet and obligatory truce.

It is important to mention however, via this column and ironically enough, Selga found her way in the final Tower issue. So in closing, touché, Selga Jansons.