How the turns table


Jacob Ashkar '23, Social Media Manager

During my time on The Tower staff, I have watched myself become my worst nightmare. I spent my first two years as a “faux”tographer, basically a photographer who never really took photos. Not that I was a bum or anything; I just had zero photography skills. I think Edge just pitied me since I wasn’t selected for the position I initially applied for, so I was basically a staff writer with a fancy title.
I’ve had countless experiences of getting bombarded by random numbers asking, “Do you have a graphic for your story?” or “Is your story linked?” and even getting surprised by a group chat with both editors-in-chief interrogating me about the completion of my stories, which, funny enough, has happened with all three pairs of editor-in-chiefs that I’ve worked with.

As social media manager, the tables took a drastic turn. The number of passive-aggressive texts I’ve had to send, whether it’s begging people to turn in their stories or critiquing a poorly made post, was just beyond me.
I had to become the exclamation mark police and delete them from every post they appeared on since Edge was anti-exclamation marks (something I will never agree with). I hope this column serves as an apology to those I’ve tracked down to turn in their story, and yes, I was asked why this story wasn’t linked on time. Thank you, Tower; I will never forget you!