What I wish was different


Ella Pazuchowski '23, Media Manager

Looking back at my high school experience, I wish…

1.I bought chocolate chip cookies from the school store
2.I didn’t stress about the small assignments
3.I went to more football games
4.I went to a varsity basketball game
5.I didn’t care about what people thought of me
6.I didn’t take hurtful words to heart
7.I wasn’t so sensitive
8.I went to Farms Market more often
9.Covid never existed
10.I didn’t stress about online school
11.I knew my friend group would change
12.I didn’t think about college when I was an underclassmen
13.I didn’t throw up during track meets
14.I didn’t cry in the school bathroom
15.I took more time to prioritize myself
16.I knew the real world was a lot better than high school
17.I accepted that I wasn’t good at English class
18.I didn’t force myself into things I didn’t want to do
19.I tutored through Peer to Peer sooner
20.I stood up for myself
21.I was more confident
22.I didn’t focus too much on others
23.I didn’t drink so much caffeine
24.I wasn’t the second person to lose in senior assassin
25.I wasn’t scared of honors freshman English
26.People didn’t call my brother hot
27.I didn’t stay up late for homework
28.People pronounced my last name right
29.I had Profe sooner as a teacher
30.I didn’t complain about swim practice
31.I wore sneakers to homecoming
32.I didn’t get trampled while rushing the football field
33.I took more science classes
34.I took ceramics
35.I knew everything would work out