My last childhood apology letter

Jane Kuhnlein '23, Supervising Page Editor

Dear Tower,

I have something to confess. Despite my original intentions, I have only written a total of nine stories‒ ten including this one. Yes, I have been on the staff of your newspaper for three years, both weekly and bi-weekly, yet I’m averaging three stories a year. It’s not like I haven’t had any opportunities, it’s just that none of the stories called my name. They were definitely calling someone else’s name, but never the name of the person taking writer’s block as more of a suggestion than an obstacle.

I wasn’t unaware of this issue. Every grade checking the additional notes section, there, etched in orange ink, “Write something!”. So I am writing something‒ an apology letter to you.

I am familiar with writing apology letters due to my experience as a reckless, clumsy kid. The structure of the letter usually goes like this:

The first apology (be sincere and specific):

“I am extremely, very sorry for not writing enough stories for you.”

Explain why your actions are not okay:

“I could pick from 50 stories each week. My actions are completely inexcusable.”

The second apology:

“Again, I am sorry.”

The concluding statement:

“At least I was able to write one more for you.


Jane Kuhnlein