From printing to pages


Cecile Walsh '24, Page Editor

Throughout my youth, I was always the kid to stain the running sink water rainbow while washing my hands, and to have magazine clippings stuck to the bottom of my shoes. I could typically be found with a glue stick in one hand, a marker in the other and my face decorated with whatever art supplies I was using that day. I was ready to wreak havoc wherever I walked.

As I have aged, my creativity has begun to manifest itself more so through words than on paper, and through the arrangement of design rather than doodles. Needless to say, this development directly contributed to my decision to sign up for Honors Journalism, my freshman year. The last two years I have spent as a page editor have been a wonderful opportunity to further my creative skills, making montages and formatting things in a way that is not only journalistic, but also aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to editing pages, being on staff has also given me the chance to speak to new people and learn so much about the world and how it operates. Even with the slight glimpse I’ve been allotted, I’ve been able to learn more about true crime, mental health and more just through various interviews conducted.

As I enter this new role as co-editor in chief, I hope to give continuing and incoming staffers the opportunity to enhance and find new ways of creativity while also encouraging a welcome environment, similar to what the last two years has been for me. The sophomore version of me who spent her time taking ‘Tower selfies’ with Dailey and Maddie, accumulating an album worth of goofy smiles and excitement over Taylor Swift announcements is just as excited as the junior version of me, who designed too many snapshot pages to count with Jules right next to me, telling me stories from her day.

I can’t wait for next year, and I’m excited to go on this ride with all of the wonderful staffers and friends that make The Tower as wonderful to be a part of as it is.

Right over left,

Cecile Walsh