Con: Buying Expensive Prom Dresses

Sofia Boddy '25, Staff Writer

Prom is the headline of the whirlwind known as senior year of highschool. It acts as the last hurrah of four cumulative years and everyone is encouraged to look their best–but at what price? Online dress retailers range from 85-700 dollars which is overwhelming if anything and isn’t favorable to families who can’t afford that price point. That doesn’t take into account tickets, makeup, hair or shoes either. Looking good can absolutely be achievable on a budget and shouldn’t be looked down upon for any sensible reason.
First thing first, it’s most efficient to walk into a store or open a website with a plan and budget in mind so you can cut out all the colorful craze that surrounds you and focus on your first few concepts. Define the cut and color, then grab a few pieces that look promising. A prom dress is special, but money doesn’t define its value. By thrifting it, looking at review images on Amazon or sewing your own, you’re creating a more personalized journey for your prom and making sure that what you’re getting for your money is worth every cent. This also doesn’t have to be and likely won’t be an experience for you to go through alone. Go with friends to purchase shoes and outfits that compliment each other. Share makeup and do something simple with your hair. If you want a wow factor dress, it may work out better to buy something more simple and add to it with sparkles, sequins or feathers- whatever matches your personal style. If you put time and care into your dream dress, you can’t look cheap. You’re also likely to get more wear out of it than a typical prom dress because it’s more customizable. Fashion is bargainable and prom is no exception.
The magic of prom should also not be related to what you wear. Formal attire yes, but the joy of the event comes from the people you’re surrounded by and the ambiance of the event that symbolizes your final few months of high school. The dress is an added but worth-it piece that completes the night, so don’t let money prevent you from feeling that joy.