A Senior’s View: Mamma Mia

Lydia McNanney '23, Copy Editor

From April 20-22, South’s musical theater department will be putting on their student production of Mamma Mia at Grosse Pointe North.

A beloved and highly anticipated tradition for many students, South’s annual spring musical is the culmination of all the hard work put in by the theater department throughout the year. According to Braden Vogel ’23, who plays the role of Sam, the cast and crew couldn’t be more excited to show off what they’ve been rehearsing for months.

“It has been tiring this past week leading up to the show, but we have worked hard and are prepared and excited to perform,” Vogel said.

This spring production will be the last high school play for graduating seniors such as, Lilly Hunwick ’23, who says playing her role of Donna is a bittersweet goodbye after having such a great experience with South’s theater department.

“As a senior performer this year it’s definitely a mix of sadness and excitement,” Hunwick said. “I’ve had so much fun with this production, but I’ll miss all my friends who are in this show with me after the production has wrapped.”

According to Hunwick, the musical theater community at South is a strong one especially for seniors who have been with the program for years. There are many traditions practiced by the group that help members come together and bond.

“Before a performance, we do this thing called jumps where the whole cast holds hands in a circle and the seniors say a thing that they’re thankful for and then we all jump together,” Hunwick said. “It might not sound like much, but as a group activity it’s super fun and it’s a great way to shake off some of the nerves before a show.”

Hunwick says that a number of cast members intend to pursue some form of musical theater in college and professionally. This is a testament to the strong program at South.

“I am going to the University of Michigan for choral music education and voice performance,” Hunwick said. “I’m planning on auditioning to transfer into the musical theater program as well.”

Other students similar to Vogel who don’t plan on majoring in music view a music minor as an option to continue their musical education and career.

“I hope to pursue a minor in the performing arts in college,” Vogel said. “This experience with Mamma Mia, as well as my musical experience at South in general, has allowed me to be more confident with my abilities, and I am prepared to continue with it in college.”