Surfs up for senior spring break

Kelly Gavagan '23, Staff Writer

Marrin Harris ’23 poses with friends in Cabo San Lucas during their senior spring break trip.

As spring begins and so does our final break, many people flock down to warmer destinations in the south, making many memories with friends and family. Seniors in particular usually plan extravagant vacations as a way to celebrate and commemorate the end of high school. Many went all over the globe, but some popular destinations this year have been Mexico, Jamaica and Chicago.

Senior Marrin Harris escaped Michigan’s temperamental weather and went to Cabo, Mexico.

“It was so nice to just sit by the pool and relax, I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel with a big group of my friends and it was so much fun,” Harris said.

The trip took over a year of planning and two travel agents,.. Despite it feeling like a chaotic mess, the trip all came together for Harris and her friends.

“Just planning the trip was a lot of pressure, but when you get there all of the pressure and stress goes away and you just enjoy your time there,” Harris said.

While many students traveled to warmer weather, some traveled to different destinations that provided other opportunities. Senior Stella Maes traveled to Chicago with a group of her close friends to explore the city.

“The only downside of the trip was that the weather was still pretty cold, but there were so many things to do in the city,” Maes said. “I thought the small group was really fun and everyone was able to have a say in what to do. We went to this color factory that was super cool.”

Some groups such as Klautkys’ or Harris’ tried to include as many friends as possible, while Maes argues that sometimes smaller is better.

“Some might feel pressured to go on a big trip from other people, but to me, you can have fun even if you do something smaller with friends,” Maes said.

Griffin Klautky ’23 who traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica disagrees, arguing that a big group of friends adds more variety and entertainment on the trip. Though he agrees with Harris that planning the trip is stressful.

“I was nervous the trip wouldn’t live up to last year’s spring break, but it totally did and surpassed it,” Klautky said. “There’s pressure in the planning too, which lasted almost a year, but when it finally came down to it, there was absolutely nothing I regretted and all that pressure just went away.”

Many students may feel pressure that they have to go out of the country to Mexico or Jamaica or to a big city like Chicago. However, “senior spring breaks” are memorable because of the people you go with.

“No matter what you do it’s senior spring break and everyone is gonna live it up however they want to, no matter where they go,” Klautky said.