Season 3 of Outer Banks runs from the plot and disappoints fans

Genevieve Boutrous '23, Staff Writer

Above is the picture of Outer Banks Season 3 advertisement poster. Photo courtesy of IMBD.

As midnight chimed, many fans’ anticipation was relieved: the wait for season three of Outer Banks was finally over.

I set an alarm for 3:00 A.M. the night before the release so I could have a personal viewing party of the brand new season. Wrapped up in a blanket with hot chocolate in hand, I was ready to fall off the couch from all the jaw-dropping action and plot twists that I was about to witness.

The only downside of this plan was that I never actually fell off my couch from any jaw-dropping action and plot twists, a major disappointment.

After watching the first episode, I thought maybe things would get better. Only thing is, “Outer Banks” season three did not get any better the more I watched. To be frank, I would say that the more I watched the season, the more bored I became. Don’t get me wrong, I always try to find the good within the bad, but this season made it extremely difficult to do so.

Something that I personally believe should be pointed out is the fact that the Pogues are always running. I’m fully aware of the fact that the show is supposed to consist of running and action of all kinds, but it gets to a point where the entire plot turned into the characters just running.

The constant running made the season extremely confusing; trying to keep track of who was running from who, why that person was running from said person, etc became very difficult. Is it too obvious that I didn’t like this season?

Although the review may sound like Gordon Ramsey criticizing and yelling at his contestants on “Master Chef”, there is one good tid-bit from the season.

I thought the show did a really nice job of keeping the audience engaged and on their toes regarding the character relationship developments. As an audience member, you could feel the romantic tension between Pope and Cleo through the screen, which made each episode more and more suspenseful. On the contrary, the dynamic between JJ and Kiara was a little frustrating at times because, from a viewer perspective, it was obvious that they were both trying to deny something that was clearly there.

As anticipated, the two relationships were finally established on the last episode of season three, which ultimately added to the season’s entire predictability.