Lets taco bout it: New Taco Bell arriving on Mack

Jane VanSyckle '23, Web Editor

Another exciting addition to Mack Avenue is in the works, as a new Taco Bell chain will be added to Grosse Pointe’s busiest restaurant location. As word spreads about the newest fast food installment, mixed emotions around the news have swarmed.

Though the new restaurant will technically lie within the borders of Detroit, this taco hub will serve Grosse Pointers day and night, giving us more accessibility to diverse fast food options. The closest Taco Bell from Grosse Pointe South is 5.1 miles away, so this local option will save students time and gas while journeying to indulge in a taco or two.

Though a new Taco Bell has its perks, there are also some major downsides. Like most fast food chains, Taco Bell is known for its drive-through option, which allows customers to place and receive their order without leaving their vehicles. As a result, we can expect long lines down Mack Avenue, one of the busiest streets on Detroit’s east side. Fast food restaurants are also notorious for providing late-night snacks because of their late hours. Because of this, we can also expect busy late-night traffic.

The new addition on Mack Avenue is exciting for all ages, but especially for teens in the Grosse Pointe area. The close location will save students travel time, but it may increase students’ consumption of unhealthy food and normalize unhealthy eating habits. Many items at Taco Bell include saturated fat and are full of calories, which can lead to heart disease and obesity.
As more and more fast-food restaurants begin to open, violence will follow. Violent incidents occurred across 2022 at fast food restaurants, including shootings and robberies according to foxnews.com.

Overall, Taco Bell is a fan-favorite fast food restaurant, whether you’re in the mood for a taco, burrito, nachos, or everything in between. As Wendy’s and McDonald’s stand as the only current fast food drive-thru restaurants in Grosse Pointe’s relative proximity, Taco Bell will provide a new change for Grosse Pointers everywhere, positive or negative.