Disney doesn’t disappoint, even at its 100th anniversary


Dailey Jogan '24

CLASSICALLY CASTLE The Walt Disney World Castle decorated for the 50th anniversary of the parks opening. The theme park is intertwining the two anniversaries to create a very festive atmosphere.

Dailey Jogan '24, Page Editor

The happiest place on earth has seen some major changes over the past century. As the 100th year anniversary celebrations of Walt Disney World Company begins, there are many significant alterations that are catching people’s attention. The theme park in California, DisneyLand, has been redecorated to fit the occasion in a wonderful way. A brand new song is played at “rope drop”, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is freshly decorated, and new costumes on iconic characters. Down main street and around all the park new banners have been put up with iridescent silvers and dark blues. These additions further the magical experience for guests in the parks.

With the implementation of Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, in 2019 the company has been producing many original movies as well as countless remakes. Owning eight of the top ten highest grossing movies in the world, Disney’s net worth is $200.71 billion dollars according to macrotrends.net. From “Disney bounding” to Halloween costumes, the characters that so many have come to love are integrated into their everyday lives. The fashion industry often has collaborations with Disney to promote their projects and the company. Accessory company Stoney Clover has had a long term relationship with Disney and recently put out new products for the 100 anniversary celebrations according to WDW news.

Merchandise sold outside of the parks is a large industry, but it is shadowed by the designs inside the walls of the parks. With a special edition set of “Mickey Ears” being released, with a not so small price tag, park goers are detected out in gear. Especially in Walt Disney World where they are still celebrating the 50th anniversary of the parks opening, doubling the fun through combining the two events. As Disney has grown in popularity there’s been another key objective that has grown as well: prices. When the Walt Disney World park opened in 1971 the price for entry was only $3.50 ($24.40 changed for inflation according to bls.gov). The current lowest price for a single day ticket to Magic Kingdom is $109.00, according to disneyworld.disney.go.com. The original appeal to the working class family has fallen as the ticket prices have risen.