The crammed cornucopia of thanksgiving traditions

Natalie Lemmen '24, Web Editor

Courtesy of Brad West, on Unsplash.

The fourth Thursday of November marks the holiday with a long tradition of family gatherings and repetition; Thanksgiving. Over time, many families have created traditions for the long-standing holiday, whether it’s a special food dish or a game played with the family.

Everyone is familiar with the story of Thanksgiving, either learning it from Charlie Brown and Linus or being taught it in school. The day is centered around the celebration of the pilgrims’ newly-founded friends and how they are thankful for the knowledge and guidance the Natives provided them with after their journey from England.

My family’s holiday traditions begin with the Lions in the background with all of our favorite foods and appetizers. We take turns sharing what we are grateful for as a family at the dinner tables while we appreciate the meal that we enjoy once a year. While some of us are given the privilege of sitting at the adult table, many of us nevertheless find ourselves seated with the children.

Overall, what makes this holiday so special is the traditions that come with it. My family, who will do the same thing every year just for the sake of tradition, makes Thanksgiving a more anticipated and fun holiday.

What my family and I love most about the holiday is being able to put aside the good and the bad of the past year and come together to celebrate our thankfulness.