A sweet treat makes Halloween complete for all ages

Olivia McDougall '23, Staff Writer

One of the many downsides of growing up is leaving behind your fun childhood experiences. However, I believe that not all of those adventures have to be completely forgotten. To me, trick or treating is for all age groups. While I don’t think the average teenager will be going door to door, I don’t see a problem with it. Normally, while trick or treating you would see a child with their parents. We don’t often see the parent candy collecting as well, but who is to say they don’t want to?

As a society we undoubtedly have norms that would indicate an adult trick or treating is weird, but my parents used to steal my candy so part of them must have wanted to join me. As a child, seeing older kids trick or treating definitely made me jealous. High school girls had cooler costumes and didn’t have to be walked around by their parents.

Now, as one of those high school girls I have no intention of walking miles like I did when I was younger. Especially considering Halloween is on a school night, I plan to celebrate on the weekend and stop by my neighbors houses to gather candy.