Peaky Blinders final season is full of excitement and extortion

Harrison Balfour '24, Photographer

Courtesy of Google

I have always loved Peaky Blinders, ever since the first season, but this season brings the series to a new level. It is tense at all the right times and tells the story in such a provocative way that leaves you wanting more.

The final season of Peaky Blinders takes place in the 1920’s during the rise of fascism in Europe. Sir Oswald Mosley, a cunning, manipulative Nazi who has a seat on Parliament, is introduced this season. Mosley is the rival character to Thomas (Tommy) Shelby, the leader of the peaky blinders and the show’s main character. He is a clever veteran whose cunning plans keep you wondering what he will do next.

Peaky Blinders is all about conflict, whether personal, physical or emotional. This new season takes a focus on fascism and politics. Each member of the Peaky Blinder family has a different internal conflict that they struggle with throughout the show, keeping you hooked to each character.

This season is filled with a roller coaster of emotions. The latest season follows Tommy and his family as he makes political allies and manages the illegal movement of opium. From illegal trading to multiple deaths within the Shelby family, this season is constantly entertaining and fulfilling.

For lovers of the previous seasons, this new installment is a fresh change of pace. For newcomers, this season is filled with tension and excitement. One second I was hiding behind a pillow, the next I was leaping for joy. Compared to the prior, more violent seasons, this season lacks gory and graphic scenes. This is due to the fact that the Peaky Blinders gang as a whole has grown in notoriety and earned a new level of respect amongst the European mobsters.

There is definitely a tone shift in the series. Previous seasons have always had a grimy and dirty atmosphere. This season feels a lot more glamorous, reflecting how Tommy has risen in society and power.

The show, especially this season, is near perfect. The only problem I have is that at times, it can be close to boring as there are more scenes of only dialogue which do drag on at times. I would recommend this show to anyone who is a lover of gangster movies such as The Godfather and The Irishman.