Why don’t we dance the night away Sadie style?


Madison Turnbull '24

POSTER PROPSALS Above is an example of possibly Sadie Hawkins proposals with some added treats to sweeten the deal.

Madison Turnbull '24, Business Manager

Sadies Hawkins is one of many high school dance traditions that South doesn’t partake in. Many schools across the nation have an annual “Sadie Hawkins,” where girls break social norms and ask the boys. But why exactly does South not have a Sadie Hawkins or a winter formal?

The infamous War Dances hosted every month by the Grosse Pointe War Memorial garnered middle school nostalgia. A simple dance with no high expectations in a relaxed yet vivid environment made for a fun Friday night activity. However, once we hit high school, the only dance we had to look forward to was homecoming. Though seniors have prom, which is a whole separate realm, underclassmen have nothing to look forward to in the spring besides their summer break. Having a winter formal or Sadie Hawkins dance would provide students with the opportunity to enjoy a nice night together as a student body and get dressed up more than once in a school year.

Unlike prom, Sadie Hawkins would be for everyone- just like a homecoming but in the winter. It would serve as another chance for the whole school to unite. The winter is a dull, dark and cold season, and a spirit week leading up to the dance would put the pep back into our steps, creating a warmer atmosphere for the entire Blue Devil family.

Some would argue that it’s too expensive or it does not fit into the current school schedule, which currently is true, but those issues could be resolved through meetings. This is a matter that will take time and be a sensitive subject to some, but if no one does anything about it, what’s the point? We can continue to live in the dark and coldhearted winter, or we can fight for a glimpse of summer at Sadies.