5SOS5 crafts a musical storyline that derails from bands origins

Maria Wortman '24, Copy Editor

As Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer geared up for the release of their fifth studio album, the nostalgia of 2000s pop re-emerged in full swing. With the reputation garnered by the band through their adolescent years, myself and many other fans expected an album that remained true to the band’s roots. However, it quickly became apparent within the first few songs that this album held few parallels to the original genre of music that 5 Seconds of Summer became so renowned for.

5SOS5 follows a sequence of emotions and events throughout a breakup. Throughout the album, we hear the process of losing a partner and the reckoning that follows. Unlike a typical breakup album, 5SOS5 intertwines dismal songs with upbeat tracks. Track 10, “Blender”, reflects on a toxic cycle within a relationship while maintaining a quick tempo.

Upon listening, the exciting melodies help to distract from the heavily-worded lyrics. As the album progressed, the songs began to incorporate more elements of pop-punk. The tone of the music seemingly mirrored the steps of recovering from a relationship and feelings described throughout the album.

As the album shifted focus towards moving on from the breakup, the band began to revert to a style of music similar to their previous albums. I interpreted this as a symbol of remembering who you are as an individual and 5 Seconds of Summer’s way of reflecting on their identities before the relationship described throughout the album.

I found 5SOS5 to be an incredible album with regards to modern pop music. However, as a 5 Seconds of Summer fan, I was slightly disappointed with how distant this album was to the image the band portrays. Though I can respect the articulation of such difficult feelings, the sole focus of the album being on a relationship took away from the way I had perceived 5 Seconds of Summer.

Overall, I definitely think this album is worth a listen. Despite the underwhelming storyline of the album in its entirety, the songs were extremely well-crafted and creative.