Con: Is prom too expensive?

Emmett O'Keefe '22, Staff Writer

Everyone loves prom and how special of a night it is supposed to be, but many people don’t realize how many nerves and expenses come along with this special night. Yes, prom will be a memorable moment in your life, but the sheer stress that accompanies the night makes it nearly impossible to enjoy.
I believe the biggest source of anxiety right off the bat is the looming question of “will I have a date to my prom?” Some people go, of course, with their significant others. Many people also go as friends because they want a date to take pictures with but not a serious relationship. If you are so lucky to get a date and you are relieved of that stress, there is still so much to do.
Let’s talk about expenses. Personally, I have to go to two proms. I have to pay for tux rental, which is a couple hundred dollars, and that’s just the beginning. If you bring a date, then you pay 120 dollars for two tickets and you have to purchase a corsage. You will dump hundreds of dollars into this night and some serious stress. These two nights altogether will cost nearly 1,000 dollars, and for a high schooler without a stable source of income, that is a lot of money.
Another huge thing is party buses or limos you take to and from prom. They are very fun and get you excited on the way down to prom. Everyone loves them, but the problem is that they end up costing 70 dollars a person- just another price tag to add on to this whole prom deal.
The biggest trend this year is going up north Saturday morning with friends since prom takes place on a Friday night. That just adds to the cost of prom. Monday is senior skip day, so most students drive up on Saturday morning and return Monday morning. Between the expenses and stress of prom, I really hope that this night lives up to everyone’s expectations and is completely worth it.