The ‘Bad Guys’ makes villainy look good

Jacob Ashkar '23, Photographer

The Bad Guys stars many notorious villains who are feared by almost everyone, featuring Mr. Big Bad Wolf, Mr. Snake, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Shark, and Mr. Piranha.
The movie begins with the five characters being typical villains, robbing banks, running from the police, the whole nine yards. Though after one of their crimes the governor of their town is questioned about her opinions towards the bad guys, where she claims they are “washed-up has-beens who aren’t gonna get any further than where they already are”, which angers the entire gang.
Later on the broadcast from the governor, she announced the ceremony to celebrate the golden dolphin winner, which in comparison to our world would be a nobel prize, when the bad guys begin to plot how to steal it.
They end up getting caught at the gala, how embarrassing, where the receiver of the nobel prize proposes to take the bad guys under his wing and attempt to make them “the good guys”. The governor agrees, and the bad guys plan to pretend to be good during their training in order to stay out of jail. However, Mr. Wolf begins to believe that being a good person feels better than being a bad guy, which starts to draw some tension between him and Mr. Snake.
Throughout the movie, you are faced with so many unexpected endings that keep you on the edge of your seat. Though the movie’s target audience is little kids, it’s very humorous and a great comfort movie.
The movie also has many deeper meanings, for example when the characters begin to open up about how they’ve always been viewed as the villains in every story. No one expected anything different from the bad guys, so there was never an incentive for the group to be good people.
In the end, the movie has a great message, it allows children to see how misleading external features can be when judging someone. It also does a good job of displaying the good in everyone and how people are capable of change they are willing to.
I would definitely recommend this movie if you’re ever bored and out of things to watch, it will definitely be entertaining.