De La Salle beats Boys baseball 9-0

Emmett O'Keefe '22, Staff Writer

GOOD CATCH Outfielder River Kraus ’22 catches a
fly ball at the April 7 game against De La Salle. (Emmett O’Keefe ’22)

Wack! De La Salle baseball player hits a line drive home run right over the fence off of the junior pitcher Chase Mazey ’23 in the 3rd inning. This was the beginning of a rough game ahead for the Grosse Pointe South baseball team.

The team went 3 and 2 at a tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a pretty good way to start the season. On April 8 against De La Salle, they had a rough first regular season game loss 9-0.

“We had an alright game, but we could have done a lot better,” senior Jonathan Drake ’22 said, “We just really need to start locking into our practices and games because 3 hits a game is not acceptable.”

Drake was not pleased with the performance on Thursday. It was a pretty slow game until the 3rd inning, De La Salle scored 5 runs against south in the 3rd inning. The team decided to switch pitchers. Robbie Leonard ’22 came in at the 4th inning. They struggled to keep the game under control.

“It was a very tough game for us but we need to forget and move on,” Joey Michelotti ’23 said. “We need to bounce back this week and definitely get some wins under our belt before the North game.”

The team seems to want to just forget and improve to get to their full potential. There were many factors to this game but one of the biggest factors that affected many kids was there were two huge scouts in the stands.

Michigan baseball and the Michigan State baseball scouts were at the game seeing if there were any players they would be interested in recruiting to play at the college level.

Grosse Pointe South baseball team has a long history of being very successful.

“The scouts definitely affected the way we played considering the fact that the scouts were there for our starting pitcher,” Cam Braithwaite ’22 said. “It is still very early in the season so the only way to go is up from here and that’s what we plan to do.