Winter Olympics fashion review

Mia Craparotta '22, Copy Editor

This year at the 2022 Winter Olympics, you will see olympians sponsored by all-American trendy fashion brands. These athletes will be dressed head to toe in brands such as Ralph Lauren, Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS, and Nike.

Athletes will be dressed fully in uniforms designed by the iconic American brand, Ralph Lauren. As we watch the opening of the Olympic games, it is very noticeable that the American Team’s whole outfit is from Ralph Lauren. The items mainly consist of heavy parkas, pants, leggings, beanies, gloves and socks. All of which were made from recycled polyester fabrics made of plastic bottles. Personally, I love all these pieces. The jackets are modern and trendy, but also unique which is the best combination. You can just tell how warm these athletes are by the size of the jackets.

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand SKIMS will be collaborating with Team USA in the Winter Olympics. This is not the first time that SKIMS loungewear has partnered with team USA, they also collabed back in 2020 at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. This collaboration is designed for the female athletes participating in the Olympic Games. The clothing consists of undergarments for the olympians to wear. I think this apparel is completely necessary for these women, considering most of the brands that partner with Team USA don’t normally give out any clothing items to go under the clothes that they wear depending on their event. After the games are over, this lounge and sleepwear will be available to any to purchase starting in July, and many people are very excited for this release.

Nike’s gear for the Olympics this year is useful not only for competing in the games, but also for lounging around. The pieces from this collection are designed to keep athletes dry and warm. Nike has created different designs for a variety of layers, including a base layer, a mid- layer, and jacket to complete the look. They also have designed very unique boots that look like tennis shoes, and seem to be as comfortable too. The whole line of clothing for the USA Team looks very comfortable and convenient for the athletes, and I am looking forward to being able to purchase some of them.