A guide to midterm studying

Jacob Ashkar, Photographer

With midterms approaching, it’s definitely a struggle for students to manage their time, especially with midterms and finals being cancelled the past year and a half. Sophomores and freshmen are disadvantaged since they’ve never gone through a midterms week and don’t really know what to expect. Some ways to manage your time properly include making a schedule based around what days you’ll have each subject’s midterm.
Personally, I’d get a head start and study the two weeks leading up to midterms, so the information has time to ease into your mind rather than all being crammed the night before. I try to spread out each subject evenly (as you can see in the graphic above) in order to remain as stress free as possible and save the most time. I also did my best to line up each study date with the exact day of the midterm, so the night before you would be studying for the exam you have the next day to keep the information as fresh in your mind as possible.
What I like to do when studying for midterms is do as much of each review packet as I can and star or circle anything that I may have struggled with, so I know my strengths and weaknesses in each subject. Going to the library or changing up my scenery also helps me stay focused.
Overall, making sure you are not overwhelming yourself and taking on more than you can handle in these weeks leading up to exams is what’s most important. Make sure to reach out to teachers and use all resources available to you if you find yourself struggling.