Pro: Halloween celebrations

Owen Sanford, Web Editor

For many people, Halloween is a night where you are able to forget about all the stressful parts of your life and go out with friends to have some fun. Everybody is in good spirits on Halloween because it really is just a fun and relaxing day. It’s a nice segway into the fall season, as Halloween often feels like the beginning of the holiday season.
One of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing all of my neighbor’s decorations. They are always festive and nice to see after a long stretch with no major holidays. Seeing all of the decorations is great, and it makes me feel like everyone is coming together to take part in a great tradition. It’s going to be nice to see the streets lined with excited kids and their families again because it’s been a long time since people have been able to celebrate Halloween.
Halloween is a great tradition that is enjoyed by many. I believe the holiday will continue to progress as time goes on.